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Transformation and upgrading of the imminent "jacquard hot" popular textile industry

Date:2014/7/23 14:23:50 Hits:941

Continuous adjustment of the textile industry, many companies to look to the transformation and upgrading of the product. Starting from the second half of last year, wujiang and surrounding of jiaxing, huzhou, xiaoshan, textile enterprises appeared a "jacquard hot", are the introduction of advanced electronic jacquard machine, in the traditional material, fabric, home textile fabrics and decorative fabrics field intensify the development of jacquard products, which also led to electronic jacquard machine sell like hot cakes.
Electronic jacquard machine magic in where? With many years of experience in electronic jacquard machine developed jiangsu than work technology group subordinate wu jiang wan Xie Jing mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD., deputy general manager, told reporters that the greatest characteristic of electronic jacquard machine is to make the textile fabrics with the pursuit of personalized possible, and then in the market competition. Material cloth was once widely used in bags, for example, the woven fabric due to overcapacity, almost entirely rely on price advantage to seize market, now, after using electronic jacquard machine parts manufacturer, the product ZhiZhi customer need 3 d LOGO on innovative design, to improve the product quality, thus to retake the product pricing power.
Electronic jacquard machine to create the magic is more than that. Xie Jing says, simmons mattresses, big carpet, sofa cloth, silk scarves and other products on a series of complex, three-dimensional design, only need to design good, can through the electronic jacquard woven out, because the electronic jacquard machine to the investment threshold and technical design requirements is higher, therefore to produce creative product not only competitive, but also the imitators, seize market for small and medium-sized textile enterprises.
The reporter understands, this year, the domestic market demand for electronic jacquard machine spurt of growth. Wu jiang wan versed in mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD., one of the main product of electronic jacquard machine series products of both production and marketing situation, this year 1 to 6 month has nearly 200 sales all kinds of jacquard machines, now the customer orders have already arranged in the beginning of September. Xie Jing said that at present domestic electronic jacquard machine level is uneven, thousands of workers electromechanical relying on powerful r&d strength, since 2006 the research and development of high-speed electronic jacquard machine and to solve various technical problems, improve the reliability, has successfully developed three series of dozens of specifications of high-speed electronic jacquard machine, the jacquard machine has been authorized by the state and application of patent has reached 27 items, including 14 invention patents, utility patents, 13 items.
Since is a high-speed electronic jacquard machine, so all work jacquard machine speed is how many? A client in hangzhou imported jacquard machine using actual speed is 550 RPM, thousands of workers with jacquard weaving the same product, the actual use speed reached 520 r/min, the efficiency comparable with imported brands, and the price of the same kind of jacquard, only less than 1/3 of the international brand of workers, and thousands of workers in accordance with "new technology, high quality, excellent service" the principle of producing electronic jacquard machine with a number of independent intellectual property rights, in particular, all series of jacquard adhere to broaden the knife, not only the knife size jacquard machines made in China is currently the most wide, and each piece carry knife surface special craft processing, makes the knife more solid and reliable. In that case, collect a variety of technical, service advantage in one of high-speed electronic jacquard machine demand is understandable. Wujiang daily reporter xu

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