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South Korea\'s "god horse" in all work

Date:2014/7/2 14:22:34 Hits:885
On June 25, the south Korean Unicorn industry leading vendors to jiangsu engineering technology group, to the South Korea Unicorn industrial co., LTD and jiangsu engineering technology group co., LTD., joint production of "god horse" brand series overlock sewing machine (EX8000, FM6640 series flat seaming machine and other products, is very good sales prospects.
EX8000 series overlock machine, FM6640 series flat seaming machine products, such as casing processing adopts domestic advanced full-automatic casing processing lines, products adopt international famous brand "god horse" advanced technology, South Korea, the south Korean technology consultant to guide assembly all the way, and through strict test, its speed, noise, and basic inner structure has reached the international advanced level. In the 16th June 27 ~ 29 (Qingdao) international sewing equipment exhibition in China, thousands of workers on the above models by Chinese and foreign customers consistent high praise, give priority to with the above two paragraphs of the product on the spot signed a sales contract of 1500 ten thousand yuan.
South Korea has a history of more than 100 years the international famous brand in jiangsu than work in "god horse" and bear fruit, marked the thousands of workers in jiangsu science and technology group sewing equipment manufacturing level has been into the international advanced level.
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